WIBEX is a digital trading platform designed to exchange wood logs and products locally and globally.

WIBEX stands for Wood International Blockchain Exchange. 

WIBEX connects instantly the supply and demand. The access requires a subscription. 

A market on WIBEX is one species/one product/one spec, and can be created instantly upon demand. Buy and sell prices and quantities are updated in real time.

The platform offers easy investment in carbon sinks through our specific agroforestry programs. This gives anyone the opportunity to be involved in decarbonisation, contribute to lower the global carbon footprint and act against global warming. 

The WIBEX blockchain technology allows traceability over the supply chain, that improves the supplier’s reputation and the buyer’s trust. This also helps to fight against deforestation. 

WIBEX offers competitive intelligence, and makes its blockchain available in private mode on demand.