WIBEX is a digital trading support to exchange wooden logs across the world, and make easy to invest in sustainably managed forests lands. WIBEX stands for Wood International Blockchain Exchange. It is a platform that allows trading and investment. The access requires a subscription or transaction fees. This creates for the wood industry professionals an international electronic market place where they can post their buying and selling interests and trade upon their needs.

The platform allows also to invest easily in wood, giving the public the opportunity to be involved in decarbonisation of our economies, and offering the professional investors a way for lowering a portfolio carbon print.

WIBEX excludes round woods and timber from any suspicious source, under strict compliance rules and using a cutting edge hybrid blockchain technology applied to traceability. This actually will improve greatly the suppliers reputation. The hybrid blockchain makes WIBEX transparent and decentralised. WIBEX offers some of its users the opportunity to create their own private markets at low costs.