Transparency is the new power in a global economy

In every sector, businesses and individuals want a better and more systematic traceability of what they buy and consume. There are several projects in the retail industry, such as Walmart/IBM or Carrefour, to address the consumer desires for greater transparency by using a blockchain technology for he traceability of the food products. These initiatives will spread.

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Innovate plantations in desert zones

Desertification being a growing problem in the world, but, especially in the African continent, it is necessary to devise mechanisms that prevent its spread. In this sense, it is a priority to counteract deforestation by planting more trees. However, this is very difficult in regions where water is scarce.
But an innovative project in Egypt shows that it can be done using reused wastewater instead of taking advantage of the scarce supply of fresh water. In fact, the trees are growing at a very promising rate.

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